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NEW!  Expo Education
Thursday, October 26

At PHCCCONNECT2023, education is coming straight to the show floor! Attendees will experience interactive presentations of innovative products, unique takes on the latest technologies and much more by participating in our Knowledge Hubs.

Knowledge Hub 1 Schedule

10:30 AM: Refrigerant Landscape, the AIM Act, and the Role of Refrigerant Reclamation
The regulatory and environmental landscape for the HVAC industry continues to evolve. With the AIM Act sector-based regulation and refrigerant management rules issued this year and with a multitude of state-based refrigerant regulations, business as usual no longer applies. Which refrigerant can be used for what application is becoming an ever more complex conversation. Contractors are faced with supporting both existing installed equipment and new installations, with a refrigerant supply base constrained by the AIM Act allocation system. Hudson will elaborate on the refrigerant reclamation market, the mandated uses of reclaimed refrigerants in various industry sectors, and the future of reclaimed refrigerant in the move towards a low GWP refrigerant environment. Contractors will also learn how to contribute to their business profitability by considering recovered refrigerant and asset not a liability.
Speaker: Ed Torres, Account Manager, Hudson Technologies.

11:30 AM: A Pro's Point of View on Steam
Professional installer Thomas Young, "Ty," and a panel of experts from Delta Faucet Company, will explore the growing popularity of steam showers. During this session, Ty will share his personal experience designing and installing his own steam shower, while the panel will provide additional insights on unique benefits and considerations for successful steam installation. Attendees are encouraged to stop by the Delta Faucet booth for a deeper steam discussion and hands-on learning opportunities.
Speakers: Scott Sandala, Coorporate Learning Manager, Delta Faucet Company
Michael Rempel, Customer & Technical Service Manager, Delta Faucet Company
Thomas "Ty" Young, Delta Faucet Company 

12:30 PM: The Rise of AI in the Trades
For the first time in history, the home services industry has a chance to be at the forefront of technological innovation. Thanks for a perfect storm of technological progress, macro-economic factors, and industry trends, companies in the trades have an opportunity to gain outsized returns by leveraging bleeding edge AI technology. Learn the specifics of the tailwinds that power your business and how Rilla specifically can level up your sales. Stick around for AI-powered insights that Rilla has gained from analyzing over 500,000 sales conversations in the US.
Speaker: Sebastian Jimenez, CEO & Founder, Rillavoice

1:00 PM: Next Generation Garbage Disposals
InSinkErator® has recently introduced the next generation of garbage disposals for today's modern kitchen. Completely redesigned to grind more types of food waste and do so quietly, the new Power and Advanced Series disposals feature the company's re-engineered MultiGrind® Technology and SoundSeal® Technology. Installation is easier than ever with the new EZ Connect Cord, EZ Connect Hardwire Adapter and EZ Removable Dishwasher Inlet Plug. Invented, designed and assembled in America, this next generation of disposals demonstratesthe commitment InSinkErator has made for over 85 years, providing an environmentally friendly solution for managing food waste.
Speaker: Eric Schultz, Director,  Product Management, Advanced Disposers, InSinkErator

PM: Backup Protection: Alarms and Backup Pumps

Overview of products we offer including alarms, water-powered and battery bakups, and how to sell them to your customers.
BJ Hentrup, Marketing Manager, Zoeller

2:00 PM: How To Make Your Business More Efficient with Chat GPT
This session will emphasize the transformative potential of AI and technology in shaping the future of this industry and how it can be used to make your business more efficient as well as help you save on cost. Participants will gain valuable strategies in embracing innovation to stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape. This means that plumbing contractors and manufacturers can use Chat GPT to automate customer service, create marketing collateral, improve SEO, analyze data for supply chain management, and even provide technical support. Whether you're looking to improve customer satisfaction, boost efficiency, or stay ahead of the competition, ChatGPT has the potential to be a valuable asset in your business toolkit. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the future of business enhancement through AI-powered conversational technology and how to optomize processes that are being done manually now.>
Speaker: Danny Braught, Founder & CEO, LMH Agency

2:30 PM: Hybrid Heat Pump Technology and Water Heating
In this presentation attendees will learn about heat pump technology and how Rheem applies it to water heating. Learn about Proterra and how it works and its benefits including efficiency and payback. You will also hear about standout features like being plumber friendly, its WIFI ability, ease of transport, 4 available sizes as well as the 120-volt model.
Speaker: Russell Scaggs, Plumber Support Manager, Rheem 

Knowledge Hub 2 Schedule

10:30 AM: Rinnai Tankless Innovation and PRO Network
Overview of Rinnai's tankless water heater portfolio, ranging from non-Condensing to Condensing. Learn more about the new products from Rinnai, including new tankless models, upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity and future product innovations. The session will also cover the benefits for contractors to partner with Rinnai through our PRO Network and the business support advantages that come with free membership. Rinnai is the only tankless water heater with domestic manufacturing in the USA.
Speaker: Craig Williams, National Account Manager, Rinnai America Corporation

11:00 AM: Safety & Efficiency: The Van Upfit and Your Bottom Line

In this session, attendees will discover how to keep your people safe with the right van upfit. Also learn how to improve efficiency, understand why the right upfit can increase your billable hours, and hear how the van upfit works as a retention tool for your employees.
Speaker: Jon Benzon, Adrian Steel

12:30 PM: 5 Reasons You Should Never Sell Water Treatment Products
Luke Timmons will discuss how to successfully incorporate water treatment products into your suite of services and debunk the pitfalls associated with these products. He will also highlight the financial benefits and growth potential of selling water treatment products and how the Penguin Water wholesale program can help grow your business.
Speaker: Luke Timmons, Director of Business Development, Penguin Water Systems

1:00 PM: How to Diversify Your Business
Diversifying your business means expanding and strengthening it by exploring new opportunities with marketing, services, and customers. In this session, industry veteran Kirby Oscar will teach you how to research, plan, and implement a step-by-step plan to diversify and grow your revenue, while staying flexible and adaptable to customer feedback.
Speaker: Kirby Oscar, Vice President of Vertical Growth, Scorpion

1:30 PM: Quality Piping Components & Flow Control Device Solutions
Gain insight into Merit Brass Company, a 4th generation family-owned and operated company with over 85 years of experience in the PVF industry. As a well-respected manufacturer of pipe nipples, Merit also carries the most comprehensive offering of piping components and flow control devices. Merit also has an extensive press fitting & valve offering comprised of StainlessPress®, CopperPress®, and CarbonPress®. Merit is driven to establish long-term vendor relationships where there is a commitment to quality, innovation and supply chain growth.
Marcus Estrella, Associate Director of Product Line Management, Merit Brass Company

2:00 PM: Pressing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started
Have you been considering using pressing technology, but you’re not sure how to get started? RIDGID’s Joe Devries and Josh Robertson take you through all the benefits the technology offers, including showing you examples of how strong and durable press connections can be. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the latest pressing tools, including the RP 115 Mini Press Tool – RIDGID’s newest solution that presses a vast majority of the fittings currently installed on the market. Bring your questions and get to hear more about the possibilities of this time-saving technology from North America’s leader in pressing.
Speakers: Joe Devries, Pressing Product Manager
Josh Robertson, Pressing Product Market Manager, RIDGID

QSC Talks Schedule

11:00 AM: Recruiting and Retention: The Psychological Safety Edge
We often hear about trust within an organization but really it is psychological safety that improves culture and creates momentum. Our business is made up of many people and failing to see the effects of how each of those people contribute to the whole can lead to a multitude of unwanted behaviors and problems. In this session we will define and discuss the relationship, emotional and fiscal impact of trust and psychological safety.
Speaker: Beth Dobkin, Director, Coaching Services, Business Management Coach, Quality Service Contractors

1:00 PM: Recruiting and Retention: Risky Business
To improve our business we often implement policies, new processes or hire new people. In this session we will look at the behaviors of organizations, individuals and leaders  along with the risk factors involved when employee perception is misguided.
Speaker: Beth Dobkin, Director, Coaching Services, Business Management Coach, Quality Service Contractors

2:00 PM: Recruiting and Retention: A Strategic Advantage
Psychological safety plays an important role in the success of your organization. In this session we will examine strategies to implement and ensure your culture remains attractive to your employees and potential applicants.
Speaker: Beth Dobkin, Director, Coaching Services, Business Management Coach, Quality Service Contractors